Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tacos: Mijita

After too many tacoless days, it's the return of the taco project! Today, I find fault with tacos with a view.

Mijita in the Ferry Building has Bay views on its side, and as seems to be the case with many ocean-view restaurants, it ends up being a liability in terms of the food.

Certain aspects of it were good. The tomatillo salsa was great. The cilantro and onions were fresh and added nice flavor. And the meat was fine. And yet, everything was a little cold, and even after eating half the filling off the tortilla, I still couldn't pick it up. It was basically an all-meat tostada, which if you're Joel, you'd probably argue is a good thing, but I wasn't feeling it. And by the time I did get to the tortilla, it was a soggy mess.

This mediocre taco experience inspires me to create a rating system. I give Mijita 5.9/10.

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Kathryn said...

Don't forget that Mijita is also pretty expensive for what you get.