Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Elderberry-blackberry champagne cocktail

For Kathryn's engagement party, she wanted to offer a cocktail in addition to beer, wine, and champagne, but not one that was going to lead to drunken toasts, uncles falling into the pool, and other elements that add up to a woefully unforgettable debacle. So, aiming for a pleasantly tipsy but coherent crowd, she thought a champagne cocktail might be the way to go.

Nancy (making the first cocktail of the party in the photo above), who served a really great champagne cocktail with vanilla-bean-infused vodka and something else I can't remember last Christmas Eve volunteered to come up with one and went to Cafe Rouge, her source for good champagne cocktails. There, they told her about this lovely, refreshing, and very pretty cocktail: Put two or three blackberries in the bottom of the glass. Add an inch or so of elderberry liqueur (she found it at a liquor store in San Francisco), then fill the glass with a dry champagne. It was a perfect drink for a celebratory summer day. I hope we have some more of those soon so I can have it again.
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