Monday, October 27, 2008

Nantucket Tasting Tour: Steamers

Alexis and I, new to steamers, were unprepared for the sight. They seem normal and clamlike on the outside, even served in this case with an unintimidating slice of toast. But then you open them, and out pops this:

And it looks like eight kinds of gross. Add to that the phallic unsheathing that is part of the preparation for eating and it's amazing this is something it's acceptable to do in public.

Dipped in butter though, they're reasonably tasty.

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SarahP said...

Christine--This made me laugh out loud! My family and I took a vacation on the Cape this past summer and ordered steamers for our appetizer, and were horrified when they arrived. I think we were expecting more traditional littlenecks or half-shell clams, whatever they're called... we managed to eat them, but the sight was a major appetite killer! --Sarah