Friday, June 15, 2007

High(er) tech pita

The whole eggs thing is stressing me out, though I think I'm just going to make multiple batches of ice cream this weekend, which should at least make a dent in the supply.

For now, I've turned my attention to pita. It started when I didn't make the eggplant topping I was thinking about doing for pizza grilling night. I decided to just make the eggplant into baba ganoush, since it's easy and one of my favorite things to eat (I use the recipe from my trusty old Taste of Lebanon cookbook). But then I realized I didn't have anything delicious to eat the baba ganoush with.

Thus the pita idea. Since my last batch, I've gone high(er) tech in two ways. My family got me a Kitchen Aid for my birthday, which makes the kneading a lot less wrist intensive, and I suspect does a better overall kneading job. And, I finally splurged on those rubber rings (1/4" pictured above) that slide onto rolling pins and stop the thinning process once the target thickness has been reached. Which it seems I need, as I just discovered I do not have a good inate sense of this. It turns out my estimated 1/4" is actually more like 1/8". These rubber rings are saving me from myself. Maybe my pita will actually puff and pull apart the way they're supposed to this time.
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