Monday, October 22, 2007

How do you create a cooking library?

I'm missing a grand theory when it comes to cookbooks. I don't have a ton of space on my current cookbook bookshelf (the smallest Ikea Billy bookshelf available- I obviously wasn't planning ahead), and most of my current cookbooks were given to me by somebody, either as a gift or because they were clearing out the cookbooks they no longer wanted and thought of me.

So my library is not directed in quite the way I'd like. Not yet anyway. But I'm not sure how to turn it into the cooking library I yearn for. I also collect a lot of recipes online, and have a large (but increasingly not large enough) binder for storing recipes I print out. My third primary resource is the magazine collection, mostly Cook's Illustrated. That's the least convenient source, since it tends to take looking through five or six magazines before finding the one with that one recipe I'm looking for.

I like finding the best way to organize things, but I'm totally at a loss as to the best way to organize the recipes I like most.

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