Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some very fine roasted pumpkin seeds

In an effort to get trick or treaters to brave the two flights of steps it takes to reach our front door, we carved pumpkins last night to set out as beacons to all the passing children, a promise that we will give them candy if only they drag their tired and costumed legs up our steps. I don't actually like the carving part of the pumpkin, so I cleaned them and then roasted the seeds while Joel made the best two pumpkins I've ever been related to (I'll post a photo of them too).

I wasn't sure about temperatures, so I looked through my cookbooks, but there was nothing about roasting pumpkin seeds, even in the olde timey ones (there sure were a lot of recipes for pumpkin chiffon pie though), so I turned to my old friend the Internet. That's where I found these three exciting recipes for toasted pumpkin seeds.

I opted for the curry and the butter and black tea recipes. The curry one was perfect, and the butter and black tea (that's the black tea in the mortar, my first use of my very own long-coveted kitchen tool) was good, but this morning when I went to try them again (I'd let them cool and then stored them in an airtight jar), they were rather soggy, which is contrary to the desired crunchy nature of toasted/roasted pumpkin seeds. If I made it again (and I would, because, black tea and butter? Now that's a combination), I would make sure they were going to be eaten that night, I'd cook them a bit longer, and I'd cut down on the amount of butter in the recipe.

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