Monday, December 17, 2007

Raclette party

Finally, after years of talking about buying a raclette machine, Kathryn and I made the plunge and got one! You can see it in the middle of the table in this photo (thanks Ross, for the photo). The idea is that since no one actually needs a raclette machine on hand at all times (even Swiss shepherds), we can share it.

Its first party was in (low-key) honor of Alexa and A.J.'s upcoming journey to South America. May cheese smooth their travels. I think it's an old Armenian saying.

We did it up. Swiss and French racelette plus a bit of emmenthal in case anyone didn't like raclette (the vegans brought their own cheese with the label that boasts, "It melts!"), three kinds of baby potatoes (white, red, and purple), veggies for the grill top, charcuterie, fresh pepper, parsley. The giant coffee table came in handy (10 people fit around it).

Ah raclette, we'll be seeing more of you this winter. And on the flip side of the grill is a crepe surface! This thing truly brings the party.
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