Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ingredients of 2008

Not a definitive list by any means, simply a way of tracking those slightly unusual—or at least not previously so prevalent—ingredients that come up six or more times in a month in recipes, magazines, articles, cooking shows or classes, and so on.

Tarragon: In the last year or so, I've been seeing tons of tarragon, especially as part of pan sauces. Sure, this isn't the first time in recent decades that tarragon has risen in the ingredient pop charts, but there's definitely a current resurgence. This was the inspiration for this post because I just got the recipe for the cooking class team-building company activity I'll be attending next week and what's on it? Yup, Pan-Roasted Chicken Breast with Rice Pilaf, Mushrooms, Green Beans and Tarragon Supreme Sauce.

Brown butter: Brown butter has gone from good idea/important part of a basic repertoire to belle of the dairy ball in the last two years. I see brown butter ice cream and brown butter hand lotion in the near future. Watch out clementine.

Elderberry: I love elderberry. Eva introduced me to it years ago when she took me to a tea shop in Windsor. It was a warm day and she said the cool, refreshing elderberry drink was an acceptable alternative to tea during summer. At least that's what I remember her saying. For Kathryn's engagement party, Nancy bought elderberry liqueur and made elderberry-champagne cocktails. And after going ice skating in Oakland with Riba and Zoey and Zoey's PTL, we went across the street to Flora to get drinks and I got a grapefruit, elderberry, and vodka drink. Delicious.

Belgian beer: Are Belgian beer bars taking over the world, or does it just seem like it? That would be ok with me I think, though I hope this isn't just part of some complicated emigration ploy in the face of the separatist movement.

I need to start writing these down, because I know there are more that aren't coming to mind right now.

What's next? My predictions: Buddha's hand. Raclette. Icelandic food.


Erica said...

Am I the only person who comments on your blog? When Adam and I were in Ireland, the restaurant we were forced to eat in every night served practically every meal with tarragon cream sauce. It got to be a joke with our hiking group.

amy said...

I can think of many worse things to have to eat than tarragon cream sauce! lol. :) What was the elderberry liqueour? Sambuca, perhaps?