Friday, February 15, 2008

Behold the cheese course and beer pairings

I only managed to get photos (thanks Alexis!) of some of the courses during Joel's birthday dinner, but I thought I'd post the ones I've got.

Behold the cheese course. With beer pairings.

In the foreplate, Humboldt fog, paired with a Saison Imperial Belgian Farmhouse Ale.

To the left, a Point Reyes Blue, accompanied by Chimay Grand Reserve (the blue cheese gave the Chimay a sweet taste!)

And to the right, a modest slice of Westcombe English Cheddar, alongside a Lagunitas IPA.

The only thing I hate about this photo is that there are two forks on the right side. Strange utensil placement haunts another photo I'll post as well. I can only tell you that when the table was set, everything was in the right place. I had no control over cutlery migration over the course of the night.
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