Friday, August 15, 2008

You got peanut butter in my chocolate

The other night I made chocolate sauce (chocolate pieces melted into cream) to top the mint-basil chocolate-chip ice cream, and there was a ton left over. It's so good that I've been dipping a spoon straight in to the sauce, which, when cold is a lot more like ganache. But Joel, who isn't a huge straight-chocolate fan, pioneered a new treat the other night.

Last December, my grandma brought over some empty chocolate cups (the package showed them full of delicious things and she thought that was what she was getting), which have been sitting in the cupboard since then. Joel grabbed those and some peanut butter and assembled little homemade reese's, much to the delight of my nine-year-old cousin Donella, who was over watching the Olympics with us.
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